Here are a few pictures from the San Diego Thread show.  Brett and I went with our good friend and amazing photographer Stew.  It was my first time to the Tread show.  Brett and Stew had been a couple years ago.  There were several very cool booths.  The Poster was one of my faves. They had some really neat artwork, so that booth grabbed my attention for a bit.  The car belt buckles definitely had Brett’s name all over them, but sadly they did not have one with a 69 Cadillac Deville so it was not meant to be.  I love the picture of the little red guy.  We found him on our walk back from the Tread show.  He was painted on this hideously amazing green wall in Down Town San Diego.  Overall the Tread Show was cool but I’m not sure it was worth the $10 to get in.